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Assalam Alaikum  .

Welcome to Midfield Secondary School official website. We are a Moslem liberal mixed day and boarding secondary school that grants freedom of worship to other religions to exercise their religious rights, licensed and registered by the ministry of Education and Sports. Our school has a UNEB centre for both O & A-LEVEL. At midfield Secondary School, we offer a broad curriculum consisting of all Science and Art subjects.

We are boasted by a well-stocked state of art science laboratory which facilitates all science practicals i.e. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, TD among others.

We also have a well-stocked library that helps to supplement what is taught in class by enabling our students carryout further research about what is provided by teachers in class.

We have a state of Art Computer Laboratory that enhances E-Learning for our Students and also avails room for Computer lessons for the acquisition of the latest ICT skills and knowledge.

We concentrate on developing an all-round Child with values and skills of self-reliance, discipline, integrity, God fearing, tolerance, adherence, respect of persons and property among others.

We work towards achieving the highest and best grades academically, in a sense that our grades for the current year must appear much better than those in the previous year. This has been achieved through working tooth and nail towards achieving our vision which states “To be a leading school of Excellency in academic, religious virtues and co-curricular activities.”

As an initiative embarked towards developing an all-round child, we provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor co-curricular activities like Music Dance and Drama, Football, Netball, Volley ball, athletics and so much more.

We are popular for our exquisite performance in the national Inter-School debate Competitions, National Public Speaking Competitions, IMSAK competitions, Coca Cola  post primaries Competitions among others that saw us winning lots of Trophies year after the other.

We have acquired /achieved great horizons through a team of dedicated administrators led by our head Teacher Hajjat Nakalembe Zainab together with our Dear parents and our Learners.

We keep waiting with open arms for your child with whom we shall bring out the best in him/her.

We are located along Kampala Entebbe highway in kibuye Parish, Makindye Division next to Rubi’s Petro Station former Kobil.

For inquiries please call 0414269220/0704176889/07773097811

There is no school near this school like this school so, this is the school.

At Midfield Secondary School, ”We invest in Education.”

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